Welcome to Worlds Awakening Radio!

If you've made it this far then we're guessing that you've got bored of all the same tunes being played all the time and are looking for something a little bit different right?

Well you are definitely in the right place!  

Our Worlds Awakening Team want to give you just what your looking for.

From Bacchanal and flavours of the Carribean to Rock Legends.  Whether its Country Classics or Strictly Sixties or even if you are looking for some Dance Anthems or Disney Delights, you'll find them all covered by one or another of our friendly, if not slightly barmy DJ's.

Just so you know though, if you can't find what you really want to hear, then you are always welcome to drop us a message and we're sure one of our team would be happy to play something just for you on one of our wide variety of shows.

So what are you waiting for?

Come in and join us and find that one thing that has been missing from your normal,  everyday radio listening experience.

Let's see through different eyes together!

Your Worlds Awakening Team.






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