Jade Sharp

Okay then Jade, let’s start with how old you are?

27 years old.

Where do you live?

I live in a place called Whitton which is near Twickenham.

Which radio shows do you present and when are they on the air?

Thursday Night Thrillers every Thursday from 5 till 7pm.

How long have you been a radio DJ?

Since 2008.

What do you like doing when you aren’t on the radio?

I love hanging out with friends or talking to them online, finding a good book or a film, travelling to different places and just generally having lots of fun :-).

Who are your top three music artists or bands?

Joe McElderry, Jess Glynne and Lady A.

What about your top three movies?

I love all the Harry Potter films, The Polar Express and The Lion King.

What would be one thing on your bucket list that you would love to do if you had the chance?

I would love to travel to Australia as I have heard that it is a really beautiful place.

And finally, one last bit of funny or pointless wisdom you would like to give to our listeners?

Just make sure you tune in on a Thursday and enjoy my show :-).

Thanks Jade, our listeners will love getting to know you a little better!