DJ's Storytime






Worlds Awakening Radio – STORY TIME…


Once upon a time,

There was a DJ Foxy Fox who,

called all his DJ friends together

for a little chit chat :)


He invited his best friends.

Mr DJ Dougal Dog, DJ Pussy! Cat,

DJ Tweety Bird, DJ Mickey Mouse,

DJ Crazy Cow, DJ Kermit Frog,

DJ Jumbo Elephant, DJ Donald Duck,

DJ Flipper Fish and DJ Sexy Seal.


They were to meet at the pond,

for their weekly chat session.

DJ Foxy got there early,

ready to meet all his DJ friends.


The first to arrive was DJ Dougal Dog

Who came bouncing along with his

long tongue flapping from his mouth.

He came to a rapid skidding stop and

said “woof” to DJ Foxy.


The next to arrive was DJ Pussy Cat who

Strolled along slowly at his own space,

as if he didn’t have a care in the world.

He sat his butt down, looked at each one of his friends

and said “meow”


All of a sudden that was a flutter up above them.

It was DJ Tweety Bird who encircled them

with a flying display that would have put the

Flying Arrows to shame.

Landing with precise accuracy he said “tweet”


All there eyes became focused on an unusual

movement under the ground leaves.

What could that be said DJ Tweety Bird.

Who move towards DJ Foxy for Protection,

thinking it could be a Snake!


POP! A little nose appeared out of the under growth,

Followed by a little face with bright little eyes and

tiny little feet shuffling along carrying a fluffy body.

It was DJ Mickey Mouse who quickly stood on his hind

legs and said “squeek”


Suddenly there was a crunching sound behind them.

As they all turned around to investigate they saw.

DJ Crazy Cow, who had stopped to chew on

some grass which all the other friends thought

was a silly thing to do, even though some of them

smoked grass on occasions.

After a little more chewing DJ Crazy Cow slowly

swung his big head around and said ”moo”


Ping Plump, Ping Plump, Ping Plump.

What the heck is that? said DJ Crazy Cow

That’s DJ Kermit Frog said DJ Pussy Cat.

I know that sound very well he said

licking his lips. But he is my friend so

Instead of chasing him, I protect him.


DJ Kermit Frog puffed up his big chest

and said in a loud voice “croak”


Boom, Boom, Boom, OMG said DJ Dougal Dog.

There is an earth quake, lets all run to safety,

as a small tree came plunging down to the ground.

Don’t be a Donut Dougal, it’s DJ Jumbo said DJ Tweety Bird.

As DJ Jumbo Elephant cleared a path to get to his DJ Friends.

Standing strong he curled his long trunk above his head

and said “toot”


This was followed by a splash as DJ Donald Duck

stamped his web feet, fluttered his wings and with a

waddle walk that had been the inspiration within a

song “Shake Your Ass” Plopped himself down

and said “quack”


DJ Donald Duck then shouted “Hey! Flipper!

You still there following me?

To which DJ Flipper Fish Jumped up out of

the water in the pond and quickly disappeared again.


Typical they all said, same as usual here and gone in

a splash! To which DJ Flipper popped back up and

said ”blub”


Listen said DJ Crazy Cow, that sounds like

Sexy Seal always the last as usual. Yes but

she has to come all the way from the beach

said DJ Pussy Cat.

The sound got louder and louder as DJ Sexy

Seal got closer. Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop and

a final blabber plop! As she said “ow ow ow”


At last all were finally present and

DJ Foxy took centre stage with his

DJ Friends all about him apart from

DJ Flipper Fish who popped up

out of the water every now and again.


So said DJ Mickey Mouse…

What have you got to say

DJ Foxy Fox?


DJ Dougal Dog, DJ Pussy Cat,

DJ Tweety Bird, DJ Crazy Cow,

DJ Kermit Frog, DJ Jumbo Elephant,

DJ Donald Duck, DJ Flipper Fish,

and DJ Sexy Seal along with DJ Mickey Mouse

all said together….


What does the Fox Say?


Foxy Raised his proud head and said…











That’s what DJ Foxy Fox said,


as he stood with his

Big blue eyes,

Pointy nose,


after he had been

Chasing mice..

apart from DJ Mickey Mouse!

Digging holes with his

Tiny Paws up the hill.



Please note…

No DJ’s were harmed during the making

of this story.